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There is no Planet B

Meet a Site Host


Schools, organizations and businesses partner with Gaia by hosting Gaia collection bins on their site. Here you can read about our Site Hosts and what inspired them to partner with Gaia!

St. Dorothy's Chuch and School

St. Dorothy’s Church and School is one of our newest school partners currently participating in our Recycling Fundraising Program. Father Miller wanted to start a recycling program for his school while also motivating parishioners and local residents to get into the habit of recycling unwanted clothes, shoes, books and other items.By hosting a Gaia collection bin on the school grounds St. Dorothy is able to raise money from the amount of clothes, shoes, books, toys and other items that they collect. The funds that St. Dorothy raises will be used to support a school program.

Lake Shore Shopping Center

Lake Shore Shopping Center is located at 3720 N. Broadway, Chicago in the Uptown neighborhood. Gordon Magill of Family Properties is the owner of Lake Shore Shopping Center and he believes in supporting Gaia’s cause and he encourages the stores in his shopping center and their customers to donate their unwanted clothes in Gaia’s collection bin. Mr. Magill is dedicated to protecting our environment and is committed to making our planet a cleaner place to live.

Businesses located in the shopping center:

  • Chase
  • Fast Frame
  • Windy City Video
  • 7-Eleven
  • Panino’s Café & Bar
  • UPS Store
  • L.A. Tan
  • Nails Salon
  • Chiropractor Office
  • Jitlada Thai Restaurant
  • Dry Cleaners

Benefits of Hosting a Gaia Bin at your business

  • The bin will increase foot traffic to your place of business and will help you gain the attention of new customers.
  • The bin will help your business develop an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious image which is important to some customers.
  • The Gaia collection bin will also help motivate people to recycle more often.
  • The collection bin and the pick-up service is free.
  • No contracts required and we are responsible for the maintenance of the bin.

If you are interested in hosting a Gaia collection bin for a school, organization, or business please contact Marianne Thompsen, Expansion Manager at