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Gaia School Fundraising Program

The Gaia Movement - Sacramento

The Gaia Movement in Sacramento in cooperation with the Twin Rivers Unified School district has started the Gaia school support program in California. During the first months of 2012, Gaia Sacramento has placed the first 100 yellow clothing drop-off boxes. The boxes generate badly needed additional revenue for schools in Sacramento.

Read more about the program here:

The Gaia Movement - School Fundraising Program in Chicago

Recycling and Raising Funds For Our Local Schools

Gaia provides free environmental educational programs and works to promote sustainable practices like the reuse of clothes by placing Gaia Clothes Collection Bins with schools throughout Chicago.

Reusing and recycling clothes is an innovative strategy for reducing unnecessary waste that is created and left behind by students throughout the school year. Sponsoring a Gaia collection bin at schools will give students the chance to donate their used clothes, shoes, books, and other items that would otherwise end up in the trash, giving items a second lease on life!

Once the collection bin is in place, Gaia will send a quarterly report on how many pounds of donated items the bin has collected, this will help schools keep track of their reuse and recycling accomplishments.

When schools meet or exceed their collection target, they will receive a Collection Reward in cash gift card and other prizes!

Gaia will also partner with your school on different environmental projects and programs. Gaia staff can host presentations on the 3 R’s, Renewable Energy, and Urban Agriculture. Gaia can also display the solar panel and bio-diesel machine at your school to promote renewable energy.

Gaia also has volunteer opportunities for students where they can earn service hours. On Recycling Days, Clean & Green Events, and Gaia Garden Days, students will have the opportunity to help and learn how they can make a positive impact to our environment!

Take the first GREEN STEP to creating a sustainable school by adopting a Gaia Collection Bin!

Solar Panel Presentation Presentation at a School
Presentations on solar panels, biodiesel, and other renewable energy
People at a box Students
Volunteer and educational presentations on Recycling, Reducing, and Reusing
Two Volunteers in the Garden Students in the Garden
Educating students on urban gardening, composting, and rain barrels

Gaia Partnership Resources

Free Educational Presentations and Fundraising

Environmental educational presentations on the following:

  • The Importance of Reduce, Reuse, & Recycling!
  • Discuss and focus on current environmental issues such as global warming and pollution to help raise environmental awareness amongst students.
  • Renewable energy – Gaia staff will demonstrate how a solar panel and bio-diesel machine operates and functions to create clean energy.

Gaia offers students the opportunity to earn service learning hours at the Gaia Center and at community events.

  • Recycling Days – Students will have the opportunity to learn what its like to sort and dismantle recyclable materials and ordinary household items at the center!
  • Gaia Community Garden Days – Students can work at the Gaia community garden and learn about urban agriculture, composting and rain barrels. Kids can even bring home the fruits of their own labor!
  • Clean & Green Events – Students can help pick up litter and help beautify Chicago’s landscape with the help of Gaia staff, volunteers and other local partners.

Earn cash and other prizes by collecting clothes in a Gaia Collection Bin!

Collection Rate Cash Prize
1,250 pounds $25
2,500 pounds $50
5,000 pounds $100
6,250 pounds $125
7,500 pounds $150
10,000 pounds $200 + other prizes!

To participate in the Gaia School Fundraising Program, please contact Marianne Thomsen at