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Gaia Collections

The Gaia Movement is currently operating clothing collections in the following areas:


The first Gaia Movement collection in the USA, started in 1999, the Chicago collection covers the greater Chicagoland area, Indiana, and Illinois.


Started in 2005, the Sacramento collection covers the area between Modesto to the south, Redding to the north, Vacaville to the west, and Auburn to the east.


The Fresno collection was started in 2010. It covers the central valley between Turlock and Bakersfield.


The first boxes in Louisville were placed in September of 2011. The clothing collection covers Louisville, Lexington, Elizabethtown, surrounding areas, and parts of southern Indiana.


Started at the end of 2011, the Nashville collection covers the Nashville metro area, Middle Tennessee, Chattanooga, Knoxville and parts of southern Kentucky.


Started at the beginning of 2013 the Memphis collection concentrated to the Memphis metro area, Germantown and Bartlett.

Portland, Oregon

Started in 2013, the collection covers the Portland metro area and central Oregon.