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There is no Planet B

About Us

Registered 501(c)(3), Environmental and Educative.

The Gaia Movement USA, is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We started in 1999 in Illinois and have now expanded operations in Indiana and California.
Our mission is to create awareness about the plight of the environment, to educate the public about caring for our planet, humanity and the environment, to run recycling operations and to support environmental projects and programs locally and globally.

Collecting Used Clothes and Shoes

Gaia is collecting gently used clothes, shoes and other items thus diverting it from the landfills while saving on the resources, reducing greenhouse gasses and providing good clothes for hundreds of thousands of people. Through our green drop off bins we provide a convenient way for people in local communities to drop their unwanted clothes and other items. Through our green bins we constantly make people aware of the need to act environmentally conscious.

Donation Form

Get a Receipt for Your Donated Clothing and Textile Items.
Donors should consult a tax advisor in connection with claiming deductions for charitable donations of property. For more about determining the value of donated goods, see IRS Publication 561. All values assigned to donations by the donor are to be considered as the donor’s estimate, and not as the estimate made by Gaia Movement USA. Please view Gaia’s attached Valuation Guide.

Selling to Thrift Stores and Whole Sale Dealers.

Gaia is selling gently used clothes to local thrift stores and second hand wholesale dealers. The funds generated from the sales of clothes and shoes are used to support local and international environmental projects and educational programs. The royalties are also used for administration and operating costs for the Gaia Reuse and Recycling Facility that is located at 8918 S. Green Street, Chicago. At present, about 90% of sales are to wholesale dealers.

Strive for Zero Waste Facilities

Gaia currently hosts volunteer actions with public schools, where the students learn to separate plastics, cardboards, metals and other recyclable materials. All separated materials are sold to dealers who makes new products.

Provides Free Education for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Gaia provides free environmental education to schools, colleges and universities. Gaia partners with schools, colleges and universities on different environmental projects and programs. Gaia staff hosts presentations and workshops on the 3 R’s, Renewable Energy, and Urban Agriculture. Gaia displays the solar panel, a bio-diesel machine and a row of other innovative clean energy devices to help promote renewable energy at different events in our communities.

Runs Volunteer and Community Environmental Events

Gaia has volunteer opportunities for students where they can earn service hours. On Recycling Days, Clean & Green Events, and Gaia Garden Days, students will have the opportunity to help and learn how they can make a positive impact to our environment!

Public environmental debates and preparedness for future climate change

Gaia participate in public debates about our local environment and works for human preparedness in a future with global warming and climate change, always being on the forefront of the local climate situation and part of developing strategies.

Provides Internships and Job Training

Gaia provides internships for newly graduated young people as part of job training and provides on the job training for unemployed people in corporation with other non-profit organization and the states of Illinois and California.

Economical Transparent

Gaia is transparent, has a professionally done audit each year with Financial Statement and 990. Gaia is living up to its 1023.

Environmental Quality Protection

Guidestar (The US Governmental non-profit categorization department) categorizes Gaia under “Environmental Quality Protection, Beautification” in the group of “professional societies and associations”

Board of Directors

Chair: Josefin Joenson
President: Eva Nielsen
Treasurer: Else Marie Pedersen
Director: Borge Mors
Director: Christian Fenger

Clerk: Marianne Thomsen

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