Global warming has already occurred, and it will continue. All of the world is affected, and the effects will increase over time.

The Earth is a complex system. While we know that global warming is happening, and we can identify general trends, the exact effects are impossible to predict.
Humanity has no choice but to adapt to a different future climate. The exact nature of the adaptations will vary around the world.
Under the existing structures of global capitalism, those who have the most wealth have access to the resources necessary for successful adaptation. The poor are denied access. The poor of the earth will suffer more and experience greater difficulty adapting to a changed climate.
The Gaia Movement is on the side of the poor. We support the poor by funding equitable and sustainable development projects globally.

Here are examples of environmental projects in local communities, which have received our economic support:

  • Mopane Restoration Project, Namibia
  • Cerado Biodiversity, Brazil
  • Total Water Projects, Gwembe, Zimbabwe
  • Total Water Project, Mazabuka, Zambia
  • Harit Sankalp, Green Action, India
  • Food Security Project, Soyo, Angola – co-funding
  • Connect International Project, Zambia – co-funding with Dutch Government through Connect International
  • EU integrated Water & Sanitation Project, Southern Zambia – co-funding with European Union
  • Pumps for Life, Zambia
  • Environment & Living Conditions in Peri-Urban Kinshasa, Congo
  • Selling 2000 affordable Solar Lamps, Mozambique
  • Biofuels for Development, Guinea Bissau
  • Green Action Project, Ghaziabad, India
  • Solar Energy, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Research & Development to raise funds for “Training Farmers for Green  Action”, Mozambique
  • Publishing of the book “40 Green Actions”
  • Community Development with Solar Illumination, India
  • Jatropha oil for local development in Mozambique
  • Solar Power to 25,000 people in Quissanga District, Capo Delgado, Mozambique – co-funding with European Union *
  • Biogas to institutions in Capo Delgado Province, Mozambique – co-funding with European Union *
  • Solar Power to 1200 people in Changalane/Namaacha District, Mozambique – co- funding with European Union *

In total The Gaia Movement USA has donated $750,000
For the projects where Gaia USA has been a co-founder to a larger donor, for example Connect International or European Union it has meant that an amount of $20-30,000 has elicited amounts of the size of $200,000- $800,000.