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Green by Gardening

When it comes to helping the earth, many people feel they are powerless to affect the major factors responsible for environmental degradation. To some degree, this is true, but that does not discount the value in trying to introduce more sustainable practices in one’s life.

As a charitable community action organization with a focus on sustainability, The Gaia Movement USA wants everyone to know how easy it can be to go a little green. One of the simplest and most rewarding ways to do this is to grow a garden. Growing and harvesting crops is an art form that dates to the beginning of civilized society. For as long as humans have lived together in one place they have also maintained gardens. By growing and tending to plants, people can provide food for themselves. However, people who garden also benefit by learning about the cycles of life and establishing a positive relationship with their immediate environment. They become stewards of the land, protecting and manipulating it in mutually beneficial ways.

In recent decades, gardening has become a favorite activity of those who want to lead greener lives. It has been proven that gardening has many benefits for the environment, including the following.

  • Plants capture and use greenhouse gases, like CO2.
  • Vegetation supports ecosystems by providing food and habitats for animals.
  • Roots hold the soil in place during rainfall, preventing erosion.
  • Plants increase groundwater absorption, so less water is lost to drains.
  • Having locally grown produce reduces the need for transportation.

When you have your own garden that yields fruits, vegetables and spices, you become more self-sufficient. You also have more control over the things that go into your body. You can opt out of using those chemical fertilizers and preservatives that are almost always present in store-bought non-organic foods.

There are a handful of ways to make sure that your garden is having the most positive environmental impact that it can. For one, you can build a rainwater collector so that you don’t have to use water from the public water system. Another tip is to make your own fertilizer by creating a compost system to process organic waste, rather than buying expensive and dangerous chemical fertilizers that later run off and poison the earth.

Having a garden is not an easy activity. You must be willing to commit time, labor and money if you want your plants to flourish. You also have to do your homework; there is also a lot of knowledge to be gained about the various methods of gardening and about each type of plant. The more types of plants you want to grow, the more complex your gardening agenda will become.

However, as tricky as gardening sometimes is, The Gaia Movement USA knows that it is an infinitely rewarding activity. There’s a lot of satisfaction to be gained from both the process of growing and harvesting and from knowing you are having a positive effect on the environment. The Gaia Movement USA has also learned that gardens have the power to unite communities in the effort to change the world through sustainable practices.

General Information

 The Gaia Movement USA, is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We started in 1999 in Illinois and we are currently also active in Indiana, Kentucky, and Oregon.
Our mission is to create awareness about the plight of the environment, to educate the public about caring for our planet, humanity and the environment, to run recycling operations and to support environmental projects and programs locally and globally.