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Carbon Footprint

The Gaia Movement USA encourages all people to understand their impact on the environment. Whether you realize it or not, your purchases, bathing habits, food choices, and other decisions all have an effect on the planet. Because of this, Gaia advises citizens to read up on how to reduce their carbon footprint and therefore help to preserve the long-term stability of the environment.

For those looking to take an active role in this mission, the group offers the following tips:

  • Take note of packaging: Some items sold at the grocery store come with an unnecessary amount of packing material, which creates extra waste and ultimately does damage to the environment. If you’re looking to buy tomatoes, choose tomatoes that come from the vine as opposed to ones that are wrapped in plastic materials.
  • Reduce bottled water intake: Bottled water is a staple in many homes, but this seemingly harmless way of staying hydrated actually does damage to the earth. While some plastic bottles are created from recycled products, many are not. In addition to this issue, people frequently toss bottles when they’re done using them instead of recycling them. This creates large amounts of waste. Lastly, there’s the problem of actually getting the water. Trucks have to use a lot of gas to transport the bottles from the source where they are created to local grocery shops. Needless to say, one bottle ends up creating a negative impact on the planet. If you want water, enjoy a glass of tap water and encourage your family members to do the same. Use a filter to take out chloride molecules of the tap water, if needed.
  • Fly direct whenever possible: Your impact on the environment goes up when you hop on several planes to get to your destination. Cut back on the amount of jet fuel burned by trying to fly direct whenever possible.
  • Share rides: Carpooling is a great way to save on gas as you reduce your impact on the environment. When you drive less, you’re reducing the amount of fossil fuels your car burns. This helps to preserve the planet. The Gaia Movement USA suggests teaming up with a friend or spouse to combine trips. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a fuller wallet, quality time with someone you care about, and you’ll also know that you’re helping to keep your surroundings beautiful for years to come.

General Information

 The Gaia Movement USA, is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We started in 1999 in Illinois and we are currently also active in Indiana, Kentucky, and Oregon.
Our mission is to create awareness about the plight of the environment, to educate the public about caring for our planet, humanity and the environment, to run recycling operations and to support environmental projects and programs locally and globally.