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Leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t limited to what you put into your body and what you put on your body. Actually, becoming truly eco-friendly means that you attempt to use all types of alternative products that will make less of an impact on the environment. Take your cleaning products, for example. Most people have a cabinet at home filled with products for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, floors, bedrooms and more. That adds up to a plethora of products, many of which contain harmful ingredients. Typically, these ingredients are not only bad for your health, but they are also toxic to the environment.

As an environmental 501 c3 organization, The Gaia Movement USA is dedicated to public education of important environmental issues. We want to address many issues that affect the environment and we focus on problems like global warming, climate change, textile waste and more. We understand that making small changes, like switching to eco-friendly cleaning products, can make a lasting impact on the environment. Thus, our employees and volunteers are constantly researching new eco-friendly products on the market and constantly encourage the public to switch over to products that are less toxic to the environment.

Read below on some of the best eco-friendly cleaning products on the market today:


  • Murchison-Hume “Everyday Furniture Spritzer”: This refillable spray cleaner is easy to use and is great for cleaning wood and upholstery. The spray eliminates dust and unsightly grime without the use of harsh chemicals.

  • The Laundress Surface Cleaner: This cleaner is biodegradable and has a subtle scent. You can use it to clean almost any surface in your home.

  • IQ All Purpose Cleaner: Made of just two ingredients, an all-natural solution and tap water. The cleaner is tough on dirt and grime, yet easy on the environment. The bottle is refillable.

  • Earth Friendly Products Everyday Stain & Odor Remover: Great for clothes and carpets, this green formula is filled with enzymes and plants, which break down organic stains.

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Surface Wipes: These biodegradable cleaning wipes come equipped with a lemon verbena scent so you can clean on the go.

    cleaning product enviromental friendly
  • J.R. Watkins Aloe & Green Tea Window Cleaner: This window cleaner is made with coconut-based aloe and green tea to get rid of smudges and dirt on windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces.

  • Citra Drain Natural Enzymatic: This natural enzyme product will get rid of annoying clogs that are stopping up your sinks. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to the typical harsh drain cleaners. Plus, it will leave behind a heavenly citrus scent.

  • Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwashing Pacs: These concentrated detergent pods are great for removing grease and caked on food off of plates and silverware. Plus, they are phosphate-free and do not contain any chlorine or synthetic fragrances. A much better alternative to conventional dishwasher pods.

  • Greenworks Free & Clean Laundry Detergent: Because you probably wash your clothes often, purchasing eco-friendly clothing detergent is important. This one is a natural formula that fights stains without unnecessary chemicals. Great for the environment and your wardrobe. These products provide an eco-friendly yet effective way to keep a home looking clean and smelling fresh