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How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Gaia Movement

The Gaia Movement USA is passionate of educating people about environment-related issues. We partner with many other organizations to spread the word of recycling all across the world. While it is important that people in other countries recycle or reuse, we want to make sure the United States is also following suit.

Many people have heard that they need to recycle, but what does this actually entail? Here Gaia gives a breakdown on what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Beyond Eco Commercial Cleaning "Change your Cleaning Habits: " You can make a huge impact by simply changing your cleaning habits at home or in the office," says Martha Hernandez, who along with husband, Sal, started Beyond Eco Commercial Cleaning in Austin, TX in 1991. "Swapping out paper towels for reusable cloths can make a major impact in the reduction of waste. There are also numerous eco-friendly cleaning products available to choose from or you can even create products and reuse plastic spray bottles to also reduce waste in your home or office."
  • Drive less/carpool: By now everyone has heard that car exhaust is extremely harmful to the atmosphere. It may not be feasible for you to cut down on your driving time, but it is a good idea to try to carpool with others heading in your same direction. By carpooling, you are saving at least one other car from being on the road. You will also save yourself money by not having to fill up your gas tank. This cut in car exhaust may not seem like much, but it can drastically help save the planet in the long run if many people do this.
  • You can be radical and next time you buy a car, change your fossil fuel car to a cleaner hybrid or electrical car.
  • Reduce water bottle use: It takes a lot of energy and emits much CO2 to create the plastic used to make water bottles. Most water bottle companies do not make their bottles with recycled materials. On top of this problem, a lot of people will just throw their water bottles in the garbage can instead of in a recycling container. These water bottles that are thrown out will end up sitting in landfills for years to come, causing harm to the earth. Gaia suggests using tap water filters to save plastic from being created. These tap water filters are great for filling up re-usable travelling cups when you are on the go.
  • Grocery store packaging: When shopping at different stores, consumers often see plastic bags as the bag of choice for carrying home their goods. In the past few years, more and more stores are giving out reusable bags to save consumers from trashing the plastic bags. These reusable bags are often given out for free or for a discounted price. These bags are especially good for frequent customers of the store to use. Even little things like this are effective in saving the planet from future harm. The Gaia Movement USA is dedicated to spreading this knowledge to people around the country. It is important now more than ever to start taking precautions regarding the environment. The Gaia Movement USA knows that without recycling and cutting back on our carbon footprints, it will mean devastation for future residents of the earth.