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Gaia Movements educates on Why Solar Energy is Important

As a non-profit organization that spreads the word of why you should recycle, we have a great concern for the direction of where the planet is headed. If people keep up their current energy use, the earth will be an un-livable place for future generations.

Not only do we educate others on recycling, but we also help those in less fortunate countries improve their villages. Things such as sanitation and getting the most out of crops and soils are what drastically help these peoples’ everyday lives. While we help improving people’s lives daily in less fortunate countries, we also aim to change the way the United States views the environment. Right now, U.S. citizens have an unbelievably large carbon footprint. There are many ways to reduce this; one of the best solutions being solar energy. Instead of using harmful fossil fuel resources like coal, natural gas and oil to heat and cool homes, our organization advises using solar energy. It is an all-natural product, so it does not give off harmful emissions when used.

This is one of the many reasons why solar energy is the energy to start using in homes and various other buildings. Along with not causing harm to the environment, it also can never run out. Solar energy can be produced anywhere in the world and can heat and cool buildings for billions of people without running out. Solar energy is also available to use to power up cars and other vehicles. This abundant energy is perfect for reducing the harmful carbon emissions that fossil fuels create. Unlike air conditioners, heaters, and the like, solar panels do not require as much regular maintenance. Once solar panels are installed into the structure, there are not likely to be many instances of repair.

Throughout homes and buildings, there are always periods of time when you can hear loud air conditioners running, or the running of the heat. Solar panels quietly turn the sunlight into electricity, so that people are not bothered by the constant noise. Even on cloudy days, solar panels will still work. There are many people who believe that you must live in a constantly sunny area to be able to use solar panels to your advantage.

We in the Gaia Movement USA want to correct these incorrect thoughts and promote the use of solar panels. The Gaia Movement USA knows that everyone around the world should use solar energy because it makes the most sense for protecting the planet in the long-term.