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Gaia offers an easy way to recycle many items. It is a great way for you to participate in protecting the environment and preventing our landfills to get overfilled. 

Step 1. Gather and wash your unwanted clothes, textiles and other items you don’t need. Most household textiles can be recycled. This includes clothing, linens, and wearable accessories. But also, other things can be recycled (see lists below).

Step 2. Ensure all items are clean, dry and free of odors. We accept items that are stained or torn a bit but still wearable. Remove all hangers. Ensure all items are in sealed bags.
What about my fabric scraps or pillow stuffing? Gaia, like most other collectors, is unable to accept these items. Textile Recycling is a complicated process and items go through a series of sorting channels and these items apply to companies that can generate thousands of pounds of materials at a time, all with consistent size and material makeup.

Step 3. Check with the lists, which Gaia can process below:

Acceptable Clothing and Textiles Items:
Blouses, Coats, Dresses, Pants, Shirts, Socks, Swimsuits Suits, Tuxedos, Sweaters, Undergarments, Ties, Socks, Jeans, Hats, Jackets, Scarves
Household Textiles: Bedspreads, Sheets, Blankets, Drapes, Sofa Covers, Quilts,
Towels, Washcloths, Curtains, Pillows Sleeping Bags

Unacceptable Items:
Mattresses, Rugs, Carpets. Bigger Cushions, Furniture, Foam Mats, Vinyl Shower Curtains.

Acceptable Shoes:
All Paired Shoes
Unacceptable Items:
Single Shoes, Extremely Damaged/Broken Shoes

Acceptable Miscellaneous:
Stuffed Animals, Plush Toys, Hard Toys, Wooden Toys, Dolls, Purses/Belts, Purses, Handbags, Backpacks, Tote-bags, Belts, Intact Games & Puzzles, Gently Worn Pots & Pans, Figurines, Smaller Paintings and Picture Frames, Candle holders, Hand Tools,

Unacceptable Miscellaneous:
Large Luggage, Electric Tools, Lamps, Furniture, Appliances, Blinds, TV’s, Computers, Wood Paper, Wrapping Paper, Office Supplies, Books, Car Seats,
Electronics, Strollers, CD’s and DVD’s.

Step 4. Go Donate in a Gaia box. If you do not know where there is a box in your neighborhood, then go to and write you zip code in the box finder.