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1c donating

All donated items from our collection bins are brought to a Gaia Movement warehouse. When the clothing and shoes are collected, they become a commodity called "credential" or "original" used clothing. The term "credential" refers to clothing and shoes that have been collected from the public, but have not been sorted.

At the Chicago warehouse the clothes is made into 1,000 pound bales. Shoes are put into large bags called "cap sacks" and sold separately. Toys and household goods are put into boxes or cap sacs for resale. At the Portland warehouse collected clothes and shoes are put into the same cap sacs and shipped out to the buyers.

At the end destination the best clothing out of the credential used clothing becomes "Shop A", while other nice clothing is referred to as "Shop B." This clothing is typically sold at thrift stores in the USA, Canada, Europe or Central America. When you go shopping at the thrift store, this is what you see.

The other useable clothing is known as "Mixed Rags." This is clothing that may not be fashionable or may have small tears, stains, or minor imperfections. This clothing is usually exported to developing countries where the resale, repair, and re-styling of second hand clothes supports many small businesses and improves access to quality clothing for low income people.