The GAIA Movement USA is a Non-profit 501 C-3 fully approved corporation under the US IRS regulations.

GAIA complies 100% with all US regulations and does not do any business activity with any non-bona fide group or company.

GAIA was established under the laws of Delaware in 1999. Our mission is to create awareness about the plight of the environment, to educate the young and the old in caring for our planet, humanity and the environment; to run recycling programs and to support environmental projects and programs locally and globally.
We believe that every pound of textiles that we are able to take away from the landfills will directly benefit humanity by not allowing the production of methane and CO2, both very harmful gases emitted at the landfill level when clothes decay along organic matter.

GAIA is very proud to state that it has passed outside auditing with the same certified company every year with flying colors and that revenue generated goes to our main causes which are recycling of clothes and shoes in USA and other environmental projects (tree-planting, water and sustainable food and energy production) in Africa, South America and Asia.